The Sustainable Features of LIV @ MB

LIV @ MB is a luxurious residential development comprising of 298 units spread across 35 storeys, located in the prime district 15 of Singapore. Developed by Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited, the development offers a perfect combination of exquisite design, luxury living, and environmental sustainability. Here are some of the sustainable features that set LIV @ MB apart from other residential buildings in Singapore.


One of the most striking features of LIV @ MB is the abundance of greenery that surrounds the development. The architects and designers have integrated nature into the construction of the building, creating a stunning living environment that is both visually appealing and sustainable. The development features vertical green walls covered in lush greenery, a rooftop garden, and a planting strip along the perimeter. These green features not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also help to reduce the effects of urban heat island (UHI) by absorbing heat and providing shade.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

LIV @ MB has been designed to reduce energy consumption by using energy-efficient lighting fixtures throughout the development. LED lighting is used in all common areas and individual units, providing residents with bright and comfortable lighting while minimising the buildings’ carbon footprint. Not only do these lights consume less energy but they also last longer, resulting in cost-saving benefits for both residents and management.

Solar Panels

The development features solar panels that have been installed on the roof and vertical surfaces of the building. These panels collect solar energy which is then used to power the common areas such as corridors, lobby, lift, and car park. These panels provide significant energy savings and reduce the buildings’ dependence on the electrical grid, resulting in lower electricity bills for residents.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a key consideration at LIV @ MB, and the development has implemented several measures to reduce water consumption. These include the installation of low-flow showerheads, faucets, and dual-flush toilets in all units. Additionally, a rainwater harvesting system has been put in place to collect rainwater from the rooftop and use it for non-potable purposes like watering plants or cleaning communal areas. These initiatives result in cost-saving benefits for residents and reduce the strain on Singapore’s water resources.

Bicycle Parking

LIV @ MB has an extensive network of cycling paths that connect to the surrounding neighbourhood, encouraging residents to use bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation. Additionally, there is ample secure bicycle parking spaces to accommodate residents’ bicycles, promoting sustainable urban mobility and reducing carbon emissions from transportation.


The sustainable features incorporated in LIV @ MB create a unique balance between luxury living and environmental sustainability. The design of the development, efficient use of natural resources, and eco-friendly systems create an atmosphere that encourages residents to embrace a sustainable lifestyle that benefits the surrounding environment. LIV @ MB is a perfect example of how developers can create luxurious living spaces while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability. Complement your reading and expand your knowledge on the topic with this specially selected external content for you., discover new perspectives and additional information!

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